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Dear Sir or Madam

Claire Marie.viburnumAdministrative Professionals’ Day was originally organized in 1952 as “National Secretaries Day” by the National Secretaries Association (also known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals). It was established as an effort to recognize secretaries for their contributions in the workplace.

It is an unofficial secular holiday observed on the last Wednesday of April. It is celebrated as part of a larger Administrative Professionals Week, which takes place during the last full week of April. In 1998, the name of the holiday was changed from Secretaries’ Day to Administrative Professionals’ day to better represent the full range of clerical positions.

Over the years, Administrative Professionals Week has become one of the largest workplace observances. The event is celebrated worldwide, bringing together millions of people for community events, social gatherings, and individual corporate activities recognizing support staff with gifts of appreciation. In the United States, the day is often celebrated by giving one’s assistant such gifts as flowers, candy, trinkets, lunch at a restaurant, or time off.

Arrangement above is Snowball Viburnum with Forsythia branches  by bbrooks member Flowers Claire Marie in San Francisco.

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