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Portland, Oregon bbrooks member Fieldwork features a bountiful arrangement of mixed Lupine in the Floral Prototype section of their website. Gorgeous colors and textures!

Lupins are popular as ornamental plants in gardens.  There are numerous hybrids and cultivars. Some species, such as Garden Lupin and hybrids like the Rainbow Lupin are common garden flowers.

Lupine seeds are also edible. The yellow legume seeds of lupins, commonly called lupin beans, appear after the flowering period.  Lupin beans are commonly sold in a salty solution in jars (like olvies and pickles) and can be eaten with or without the skin.

Lupini dishes are most commonly found in Mediterranean countries, especially in Portugal, Egypt, and Italy, and also in Brazil.

Edible lupins are referred to as sweet lupins because they contain smaller amounts of toxic alkaloids. The seeds are used for different foods from vegan sausages to lupin-tofu or baking-enhancing lupin flour.

Given that lupin seeds have the full range of essential amino acids and that they, contrary to soy, can be grown in more temperate to cool climates, lupins are becoming increasingly recognized as a cash crop alternative to soy.

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