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Modern Style Wrapped in Traditional Southern Charm

scan0006-urbanearthwedding.JPGThe wedding couple wanted an event full of Southern charm and grace utilizing traditional and native flowers choices such as peonies and camellias. As featured in Flower Magazine Summer 2009 James Clawson and his team of talented and hard-working designers from Urban Earth www.urbanearthstudios.com in New Orleans, LA met this request aptly and flavored it with a modern touch as well.

The bridal party flowers and church interior featured an elegant, traditional mix of white and pink peonies, hydrangea, Vendela roses, grape hyacinth, parrot tulips, ranunculas, gardenias and camellia.

The reception was set in a grand old home owned by the bride’s parents. This location provided ample room for guests to move from garden settings to the inviting environ of a gorgeous interior. To compliment theregal antiquity of the home and its heirloom treasures, Urban Earth created very traditional designs of soft, mounded white hydrangea, pink peonies, roses and tulips, camellia and lily grass for the interior décor such as banister and table dressings.

Afforded the spaciousness of the property grounds, Urban Earth created gorgeous and inventive “traffic-stopping” suspended chandeliers for two areas. Swaying from the branches of the old oak tree on the front lawn were elegantly modern pieces compiled of masses of French Tulips and Bear Grass “planted atop custom-fabricated drum chandeliers softly illuminating an intimate corner of the lawn. Even more impressive were the luminaries of Cherry branches, Curly Willow and long-stemmed French Tulips hung suspended from the glass ceiling of the pool house.

The happy couple and the talented designers of Urban Earth both agree that the wedding was a huge success. In fact, the couple says that people still talking about the beautiful design work to this day.

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