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Archive for November, 2013

Autumn in Wyckoff

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013


New bbrooks member, Fleurit, in Wyckoff, NJ showcases some lovely autumnal offerings in a rustic setting,  in their journal section of their website.  Seen above are peonies, roses, accented with seasonal greens, berries and grasses.

Geranium Lake at Simon Benson Awards

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

GL awardsFor the second year in a row, bbrooks member Geranium Lake, Portland, OR was honored to style PSU’s Simon Benson Awards, providing florals, linens, chair covers, lighting, stage decor… whatever it took to make the event stunning!GL table







With over 1800 guests in attendance, this soiree was full of Portland’s who’s who!  Highlights included Anderson Cooper as guest speaker!

Flower Hound

Monday, November 11th, 2013

carries.heidi.2Meet Heidi, aka Heidi-ho, Succulent Head, Barky Head, Cutie Pie, Silly Head, etc!  Heidi is very active and besides regular meals, she loves all veggies, nuts, and plain yogurt!

This loveable pup was adopted from the Massachusetts Mini Schnauzers Rescue Center four years ago.  Heidi keeps spirits high in the floral studio by “flirting” with the bridal consults and keeping step with shop owner, Carrie Chang,  of bbrooks member Floral Lab, Boston MA, everywhere she goes.

Congratulations to Carrie on her feature in the recent Grace Ormonde  Wedding Style magazine.  Carrie will also be honored with the the Int’l Floral Art Award in Belgium’s annual floral art book in  2014/15.

I know that Heidi will be right there, sharing in the applause!

Klaus Enrique ~ The Reaping

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

klaus enrique. the reapingRecently at Rebecca Hossack Gallery NYC ~ Klaus Enrique: The Reaping.

A series of photographic portraits, Enrique’s creations complicate and investigate notions of the ephemeral.  Utilizing materials such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other organic materials, Enrique produces glorious human forms and captures them in a rare moment of ripeness, preserving the perfection that precedes inevitable decay.  Enrique breathes new life into these forms, harvesting, reaping, and reconfiguring them as beautiful, often dark portraits.