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That’s one Impressive Bridal Party!

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

taffetta1Some brides skip having bridesmaids because they are so concerned about hurting their loved ones feelings.  Katie Dalby chose another route for her wedding to firefighter Norman Gooch: She brought along 80 attendants.  When Dalby, who owns Katie’s Boogie Shoes Dance Academy in Harwich, England, told her students about her engagement, she says they were super excited and some were begging to be included in the wedding.

taffeta.2“It just couldn’t be fair to choose  two or three of them,”  Dalby told the Daily Mail.  “So the only solution was to invite 74 of them – I didn’t want to exclude anyone.”

She also asked her best friend, three sisters-in-law, a niece, and a cousin.


That’s one impressive bridal party!

Crowning Glory

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

crown.detailCreator of thebridescafe.com and owner of JMFlora Design in Richmond, VA, Janie Medley fashions a summery circlet sure to turn heads.finishing touch







As seen in  Summer 2013 Flower Magazine.

Medinilla Magnifica

Monday, August 19th, 2013

One of the most elegant flowering plants you can grow indoorsMedinilla Magnifica is every bit as magnificent as its name.


However, it’s not easy to please, unless you can provide the high humidity this tropical native craves. Use every means to increase the moisture in the air around it.

Pairs of thick, glossy green leaves cover the upright stems. The leaves get big — up to 1 ft (30 cm) long — and are deeply veined with wavy edges.

In spring, given enough light and humidity, you can expect long, pendulous flower stalks to grow from the tips of the branches. The flower heads are spectacular. Clusters of small, pink flowers are carried beneath 2 or 3 tiers of pink bracts.

There are approximately 400 species of Medinilla, of which until now only the magnifica is supplied as a houseplant. The family name of the Medinilla is Melastomataceae. Medinilla magnifica finds its origin in the mountains of the Philippines. It is an epiphyte, which is a plant that grows on other trees but does not withdraw its food from those trees as parasites do. This type magnifica is the only Medinilla with splendid pink flyleaves and such a large flower. Late king Boudewijn of Belgium was a big devotee of Medinilla. He grew them in the royal conservatories and they flaunted on the bank note of 10,000 Belgian francs. The growing of Medinilla’s in greenhouses was such a great success that now everyone can enjoy the beauty of Medinilla!

Go Goats!

Monday, August 12th, 2013

These little guys from Eco-Goats are cleaning up the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC!  Awesome cute!

go goats!

Living Wall Planter by Pamela Crawford

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

living wall

Pamela Crawford’s Living Wall Planter holds nine front plants, six side plants and three top edging plants.  14″ tall x 14″ wide x 5″ deep Square.

Includes side planting replaceable coco-fiber liner and J-Hooks for hanging. J-Hooks hold single planters living wall.2.away from the wall, allowing for air circulation. Tuck a plastic bottle cap or cork under bottom corners to hold them out.

MosaiCultures Internationales of Montreal

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

mosaicultures of montreal.13Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 is the largest event ever to have received green certification from the City of Montreal.  The event will run from June 22 thru September 29th

The 2013 edition aims to amaze visitors while raising their awareness of the importance of preserving the richness of life on Earth. The theme of the exposition, Land of Hope, reflects the mission of the organization and represents the very essence of the event. The organizers have integrated sustainable development practices at every level.

The 2013 edition presents more than 50 creations from some 20 countries. The event will test the participants’ ingenuity as they compete to win the Grand Honorary Award given by the international jury as well as the Qatar Airways People’s Choice Award. The hundreds of thousands of visitors expected throughout the summer will also be able to take advantage of a special programme which includes the creation of a collective work of art, interactive conferences and vignettes illustrating the importance of the biodiversity that surrounds us.