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According to a report released last year by the Center of Small Business at California Star University-Sacramento, California’s cut-flower industry has an annual impact of nearly 10.3 billion on the state, returning 92 cents of every dollar earned back into the California economy!

According to the study, cut flower growers in CA employ about 7500 people.  Overall, the state’s floral industry employs almost 15,000 people while generating billions in economic activity.

The research indicates that the expenditures of growers, wholesalers retailer and others affiliated with the industry create a ripple economy effect generating the equivalent of 121,950 full time jobs in CA , with a total of 3.3 billion in gross wages.  The report states, that without these jobs, number of unemployed in CA could rise as much as 12.5 percent.

The report points out the California’s cut flower industry’s achievements are particularly impressive due to the aggressive pricing of imports from other countries and wholesaler/retailer consolidation.

The full economic impact report and related facts can be found at www.ccfc.org.

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