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Forum Magazine Review

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

We got a very nice review in the-upcoming edition of Forum magazine of which I got a preview eThe Forum Magazine ReviewThe Forum Magazine Reviewmailed to me today – featuring one of our fabulous affiliates in New York City called LMD Floral Events.Other than the Penthouse Forum, whom I sadly admit would hardly be calling me, I did not know whatthis Forum was until their very nice travel editor, and Donald Charles Richardson called me. I suppose there are so many magazines around these days that it is impossible to keep up with all the niche ones,so I don’t mind sounding stupid when I say to editors – “Huh? What? Sorry, No…Never heard of it.”Anyway – turns out that this Forum is this very high-end magazine that is printed twice a year and distributed only to its own advertisers such as Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco or Stanley Korshack in Dallas who then turn around and send it to their best customers. It is one of those B2B and B2C magazines and ya’ll thought those terms were web induced.Donald is just the sort of guy one wishes all editors were like though – with his friendly, baritone voice and worldly, but easy-going manner. I felt I was talking to a best-friend-of-a-friend’ kind of thing. The sort of person we used to say, ‘like an old shoe’ but as we baby boomers are aging that description does not imply the warm and cozy it used to and often is received as an insult, so I am learning not to use it anymore.Actually – I do not know why ‘old shoe’ is interpreted as an insult these days – maybe because people think old shoes ought to be thrown out? Whereas back in the day, old shoes were the best especially if they were hand-made. My husbands grandfather used to have his custom made and they would last for 30 yrs! So ‘old shoe’ used to mean, comfortable, ages well, good looking, well-made, classic – all those good things that I am trying to get across about Donald.I am going to try and get better about this Blog thing but one, I can’t find a voice I want to settle into because some days I am mad, some – dumb, others I can be both bored and boring, and on down the emotional line and they say you are supposed to have one voice. Well, who has that? I am a multifaceted, mercurial person hiding behind a professional façade! The other reason is what David Weinberger describes, “these niche publishers are finding that all of their content is miscellaneous,” or what Warren Buffet says about all this blogging, “At the end of the day we only have one pair of eyes.” Being an eco-freak, I hesitate to add to the web detritus even though they say it is just in the clouds – heck that is what they said about car exhaust and look what happened.Can’t you just imagine it? The eco-hazard of the future will be all these web musings distilled into 1’s and 0’s coming after future generations in swirls of uncontrollable mental pollution!Anyway – here’s the nice piece. And Donald, thanks!