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The down low on floristry

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

In the book of financial and investment sayings, there is a special section called “The Classics.” None is more appropriate to describe the current state of floral design than “What a wise man does in the beginning, the fool does in the end.

Brave pioneering florists made a break in the late 80′s and early 90′s from the “bigger is better ” school of bbrooks fine floristrydesign to “smaller is precious.” The tight paved look evolved into the low and lush style, both of which dominated the high end floral world at the turn of the century , and it is still going strong. The problem is, this style is starting to create the fool’s paradise – and now low end, mass market providers are copying the style. The low-end, copy cat, wannabees are using cheaper flowers, making the style ubiquitous and misleading to the consumer!

 Not fine floristry I attribute 3 reasons for this. One, it is a great look and is suitable for most any occasion, so it is only natural for the low end providers to copy the high end (and courageous) trendsetters. Secondly, this style is easy to do and even clumsy hands can be trained to do a low and lush style. And three, this shape travels well in a delivery van, usually impervious to potholes, erratic driving habits and other stomach-churning road challenges.

Don’t misinterpret me, there is a thing called “taste” that separates all fine florists from “the others.” Color choices and flower types separate fine florists from the mass market providers. Right now, our select peonies are taking center stage – at the lower end that Pepto-Bismol pink one is prevalent. The differences between high end and low are more subtle now – but oh my what a big difference. Also, less couture florist will often take full faced flowers like large gerbera daisies or stargazer lilies accented with yucky liatris or wax flower in a delicate low and lush design. It is very wrong…and such a waste.

I am interested in what the new look is going to be at the high end. After a recent trip to New York City visiting many of our member florists, I believe there won’t be “just one look,” but instead the high end has evolved to a fractured one. Nevertheless, expensive simplicity will be the guiding principle of our fine florists’style.